03. 23. 2018 Length: 6:01:30… © All rights reserved by Mora Amaro & Marcus Nalgaber
03. 23. 2018 Length: 6:04:52
Two figures wander aimless, disorientated, through a vast labyrinth of capitalist structures. They search desperately for something, anything, but The City is watching. Cast and Crew Sharnee Gates Victor Hugo Mauricio Adham Smart Director of Photography: Ronnie McQuillan 1st AC: Jody Roberts Grade: Daniel Garden
03. 23. 2018 Length: 6:01:30
Celebrity chef Jeffrey Starlight takes us on a culinary adventure like never before. A film by Harry Kemp, made in 72 hours for Music: Kathi Pichler 3D//2D & Compositing: Thomas Thurner, Jakub Reichmann, Joachim Holler Special thanks to Michi Widmar Jeffrey Starlight: Manuel Hüttner Femme Fatale//Glovegirl: Kathi Veit Made possible by &
03. 23. 2018 Length: 6:00:46
03. 23. 2018 Length: 6:01:20
Amazing and unbelievable landscapes of Chatyr-Dag plateau in Crimea, Russia. Место съёмки: Крым Location: Russia, Crimea

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