01. 22. 2020 Length: 6:10:59
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01. 21. 2020 Length: 6:00:30
Fearlessly Human. Artist photography that faces your fearlessness.
01. 21. 2020 Length: 6:11:15
Music composed, recorded and produced by Arthur Stammet. The Soundtrack is an electronic study realized at CNR in Metz (F) during 1988. The movie, based on Mandelbulb 3D and SpaceEngine animations, has been created by Arthur Stammet in October 2019. 3D fractals and digital art created with: Mandelbulb 3D:…... Space Engine:
01. 20. 2020 Length: 6:04:05
Clip musical
01. 20. 2020 Length: 6:03:07
Production: NO.ODDS Director : Sandro Jäger Dop: Patrick Pichler 1AC: Timo Grossmann Casting: DEEBEEPHUNKY Agency Actress: Luise Schmidt Actor: Malo Valérien Postproduction: NO.ODDS Special Thanks to SeeYouRent Berlin, Eoin Moylan Studio

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