05. 27. 2018 Length: 6:03:33
Casasola - Lo que me pasa (Videoclip Oficial) Directed by Edgar Lledó Produced by Dan Hammond Director assistant: Alejandro Viguera Stylism: Sehila Fernández Assistant producer: Claudia Deulofeu CAST: Jorge Velasco & Ninette Shibara Warner Music Spain MUSIC BUS
05. 26. 2018 Length: 6:00:50
Vatanz is an upcoming startup Animation: Amin Haghshenas Music & Sound: Hootan Poorzaki
05. 26. 2018 Length: 6:01:59
Featuring the track "Chronosiam" by Boss Keloid Written, Directed and Edited by Kathryn Gee Cinematography by Ed Radford Cast: Leon Chrimes Wesley Thomas Gee
05. 26. 2018 Length: 6:04:42
My favourite tv show of all time „THE WIRE“ completely works without any soundtrack. So I was trying to give my favourite scene of that show a new touch by adding my very own musical interpretation. It was super fun to figure out the tempo of the editing to match it with the music. I also tried to capture the dramaturgy and super raw intensity of that particular scene and translate it into a soundtrack. Completely done in Garageband. (Warning, explicit content - so please skip, if you’re not comfortable with (super-)excessive use of the f-word, nudity and violence.)

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