07. 05. 2020 Length: 6:04:33
Recorded in Philadelphia - July / 2020
07. 05. 2020 Length: 6:03:21
YouTube Link:… LENNESSY auf Instagram:…... NTBC auf Instagram:
07. 05. 2020 Length: 6:03:11
YouTube Link:… NTBC auf Instagram:
07. 05. 2020 Length: 6:04:23
Two Silhouettes - Full House (music video) Taken from the album QUICKEN, available to download on Bandcamp:… Vocals by Clive Browne. Lyrics by Clive Browne and Sam Holloway. Production, programming, sampling, guitar and backing vocals by Sam Holloway. Music video by Sam Holloway.
07. 05. 2020 Length: 6:01:31
A short collection of moments from a trip to the island of Madeira, Portugal. Shot on a Sony A7 II Animation done in Photoshop.

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