09. 21. 2018 Length: 6:03:40
This machinima features the virtual artwork and Glitch Avatar by Cherry Manga, and Music by June or July: "Blind Time-lapse" from the NSS EP (collaboration with permission.) Listen to the full album here: Poem is Walt Whitman's "A noiseless, patient spider" from Leaves of Grass (1891-92). Machinima by Cybertwigs. See More at and This film is made for purely non-commercial purposes as a creative representation. No infringement of any original text/work/music is intended. Thanks for viewing and sharing.
09. 21. 2018 Length: 6:03:00
Music and video production by RosesAreBlue
09. 21. 2018 Length: 6:03:36
Official Music Video for Mike Shinoda. A mixed media project that merges rotoscope with digital collage. A little bit more of Postproduction process:… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directed by Antoni Sendra PODENCO Animated by Antoni Sendra and Luis LLácer Boy: Lucas Amador Girl: Concha Núñez Cinematographers: Carlos Aparicio (concept) / Ilja Maran (performance) Performance shoot Director: Aaron Farley Art: Luis Llácer and Concha Núñez Director Assistant: Iván Fernández de Córdoba Stylists: Concha Núñez (concept) / Maxi (performance) Video Commissioner: Devin Sarno
09. 20. 2018 Length: 6:00:57
Was able to get some footage for Def Jam at Rolling loud with YG Equipment: Sony A7s ii Sigma 35mm Ronin M

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